Personalized contrast therapy sessions

XPT Studio’s private and group contrast therapy sessions are the only offerings in existence designed to adapt to the unique intent of the user. Through various combinations of extreme heat, extreme cold, and advanced breathwork protocols, every element of the experience is customizable toward improvement in a desired area of well-being. Continue reading to find insights into the science behind each modality and information on the different ways to experience XPT Studio.

Choose your environment

Who you share your Performance Wellness practice with is just as important as how it’s done. Whether you prefer a private space, alone or with a small group of your inner circle, or seek a larger group experience to connect with other like-minded individuals, XPT Studio has you covered.

Customize your results

We don’t see “wellness” as just maintenance, relaxation, or a break from reality. Wellness, or Performance Wellness that is, can be actively trained to reach heights you never knew possible. With each session at XPT Studio, you’re given the option to customize your experience toward one of the desired outcomes outlined below. Each protocol is built around specific doses of cold and heat exposure and targeted breathwork patterns, all covered in a comprehensive audio experience.